New iTunes Connect fixes usability flaw

Just yesterday I was discussing login screen design with a friend. We looked at some iPhone apps with login screens to find out the best way of implementation.
We came across iTunes Connect as an Apple own application.


  • Layout is done via UITableView (at least visually)
  • The Keyboard fits directly underneath the buttons so you can reach every UI-Element while typing
  • Both fields for “Member Name” and “Password” are filled with a placeholder so the purpose is very clear.
  • Each field provides a info-button for recovering the Apple ID / password (in case you’ve forgotten).
  • If you type in your member name in the first text field an press the “Next”-button on the keyboard, the focus is set directly to the password field. So you can type in the password without being interrupted by having to tap in the password field first to activate it. And after typing the password you can use the keyboards “Go”-button or the “Sign In”-button to initiate the login process.

It’s very handy to use.

But one thing I was always wondering about is the “Cancel”-button. You can not use the app without signing in. Canceling at this point could only mean quitting the app (as you may expect for Desktop applications). But the (iOS) iPhone Human Interface Guidelines for stopping strongly discourages the programmatically termination.
And the cancel button indeed doesn’t exit the app. Instead an “Error” Popup with an dubious error code is shown.
So what purpose may this Button have in the future, I was wondering.


Apple must have read my mind! Today a new version was released and… the cancel button has vanished!


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