The OsxCrypt Team set themself  to do a port of TrueCrypt for Mac OS X. They started working as it was quite silent about TrueCrypt-Development. A port of TrueCrypt for Mac OS wasn’t planned.

By now the TrueCrypt-Team released with the new version 5.0 a Mac-version, too. OsxCrypt doesn’t get needless with this release. They enlarged their goal to support other encryption systems. TrueCrypt uses Fuse to mount the volumes, whereas OsxCrypt comes as a kernel module.

To provide a GUI, I’d like to start a project as a Eclipse RCP. You can download the present output here.

As I develop only in my spare time, the features will increase step by step. At the moment the application provides only the attaching and detaching of images. The attached images are listed and can easily be detached out of it.

To fit the whole range of functions of the command line tool osxcrypt or TrueCrypt, there is a lot of work to do.

Download: OsxCryptIt

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